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Alchemy 2017

30 Jan

Last summer I had the chance to participate in something truly special. For ten days I lived, cooked, made art, and ATE with 13 amazing artists in the heart of Prince Edward County as part of Alchemy 2017.

Alchemy artist residency was founded in 2014 to explore the intersections of art and food. Fearless leaders Claire M. Tallarico and Tonia Di Risio invite participants to share their practices with each other, explore the unique residency location, and enjoy communal food preparation and feasting.

I went into Alchemy with a very solid idea of what I was going to do: make a series of prints about food in Prince Edward County. And while I did make prints of chickens, ducks, mutant heirloom tomatoes, and edible flowers, the real magic of Alchemy is what you don’t plan on making. We all visited each other’s studios during the open times, of which there are many by design. Piera had the wonderful idea of trying a little of what everyone else was doing. Ilze taught traditional Latvian bread making to a small dedicated group. Tonia continued her work leading pasta making workshops ending in the most delicious dinner you can imagine. Every day a little of every person’s spark was shared.

I invited the other artists into my studio to work on plexi etchings and linocuts. Ilze and Holly both made beautiful pieces. But I wanted something more immediate and accessible to share with my studio guests. One by one I facilitated making monoprints by drawing on the back of paper placed over a smooth inked plate. I then ran the plates through my baby press to make an inverse print. We hung these prints in the lovely old barn I was given as my work space (with great studiomates Sydney and Deborah!).

It was so inspiring to see what was created during our time together, from fascinating installations to the lasting kinship we feel for each other. For me it was the injection of life my practice needed, and confirmation that devoting more time to my work was the correct choice. Also probably the most fun a gal can have in the middle of picturesque farmland!

Applications for Alchemy 2018 are due February 15th, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

2017 Alchemists
Claire M. Tallarico
Tonia Di Risio
Piera Pugliese
Kelley Bell
Katey Murphy
Donna Greenstein
Peggy Taylor Reid
Ilze Egle
Sydney Pine
Deborah Margo
Frida Foberg
Holly Schmidt
Lynn Hubbs
Madelaine Lyons Cooper


Rush hour on the farm


A very sassy rooster duo


Beautiful abandoned barn, one of many on the site


Walking back from Stanners Vineyard


A small friend I had the pleasure of meeting up close


Alchemist made pasta dinner in Jamie Kennedy’s lovely dining hall


My messy, busy studio in an antique barn


First proof of Say What?


The group project I facilitated hanging in the barn


Our fearless leaders Tonia and Claire in hats by the fabulous Kelley Bell



Studio Sale Party!!!

21 Jan

In just one week on January 27th, 5-9pm I am having a Studio Sale Party, kindly hosted by my friend at 80 Mill Street. Why not my actual studio? Only about 5 of you would fit with all the work going on in there, and I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere. Oops. You’ll still get to see a huge range of what I’ve been working on the last few years, with paintings, prints, and my new line of jewellery. Best of all, everything’s for sale! Just in time to buy some art for your sweetheart before Valentine’s Day. I’ll be providing snacks and wine, and plenty of lounge space to hang out with fellow art lovers. You can find the full invite here. The location is also right across the street from the Toronto Light Festival if you feel like making it a whole evening of art. See you there!

If you need more reasons to come, here’s a few examples of the bead jewellery I’ve been making. I love the small scale of adornments to play with colour and texture. I’m using a mix of vintage and new beads, and suffering from a bit of tassel mania.

Just a bit.

Prints at Hollandaise Diner

6 Jan

If you feel like some amazing brunch and a chance to see some of my prints in person, head over to Hollandaise Diner this month! I can’t say enough good things about the food; everything is perfect and they even make five kinds of hollandaise sauce right in house. It’s just a couple blocks East of Woodbine station at 2231 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

See you there!