Spark Box Studio

My Studio Space at Spark Box

I’m about halfway through my residency at Spark Box Studio, and so far it’s an amazing experience. Prince Edward County is such a beautiful area, and the house has the most perfect vintage lived-in touches. I added a few of my own to my studio after a trip to a Picton thrift store.

New Studio Friends

The studio space is perfect for spreading out and really getting work done. I’m experimenting with watercolour monoprint now, and I hope to get a few collographs out before the end of my stay. And painting, as always.

Terrifying Shoes

Part of my proposal was to create a haunting installation based on the studio itself. I’m finding more material than expected, including the lovely specimens above. Chrissy and Kyle found them under the floorboards while renovating the house. Apparently they’re to keep out or trap evil spirits. They’re now in the room I sleep in. Hopefully there aren’t any evil spirits left stuffed in there…

And just a reminder, the Mitzi’s show is coming down on the 2nd, so you have until then to check it out and maybe snag yourself a piece. Pick up is on the 2nd at the cafe, contact me for further details.

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